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F One Kites



Freeriders: In all conditions you can enjoy all the benefits of the Delta and its natural relaunch ability, you will specifically appreciate its immediate available power, its comfort and control. The versatility of the kite is unique and allows everyone to excel in all disciplines. All our pro team riders, from the snow to wave riding, to the hard core PKRA and speed, everybody strictly use production Bandit's. Also used by some schools, they can accompany your progression from the first day to the highest level. Freestylers: You will particularly appreciate its intuitive steering, better handling and lightness. During a jump, the timing is easy to find, with a fine and constant control, it goes up quickly to the zenith and with all its aerodynamic performance, its lift is also greatly improved. It is easy to know at any time where is the kite and therefore to correct its position if needed. New school freestylers: You will precisely position the kite at the height that suits each of your moves. Unhooked, its lightness and fine control reduces the lateral traction, facilitate the impulsion and allow a better control of the trajectory during the jump by controlling the power at all times. Our goal was to achieve the perfect balance between the qualities of the C-Shapes and those of modern wings. The results exceeded our expectations. In the hands of our best freestylers, with the kite low, we were amazed by the radical moves they could passed, both in terms of commitment, amplitude and height. Thanks to these qualities, you can commit to a kiteloop earlier than before during the ascending phase. The Kiteloop is one of the areas where the progress was the most impressive. The qualities of the profile, its handling, responsiveness allow a gain in control, and being able to quickly ascend the kite to the zenith allows for smooth reception regardless of the commitment. Finally, for all the old school moves, the gain in lift will give you some valuable time to pass all your moves. Waveriders: In onshore condition, light weight, maneuverability and depower capabilities are the B5 main assets. We gave particular attention to maintain the maneuverability even when depowered, which is particularly important in onshore surf conditions. Its power in the low end allows using a smaller kite. In offshore wind, control, finesse and ability to depower can reduce the pressure on the board, allowing for a more reactive feeling and being lighter under your foot. With the B5, your board seems liberated, more reactive. Strapless, the progressive control of the power makes it easier to maintain your balance, or to quickly reduce its traction, which is so important during the surfing phase. The new B5 enables all the transitions and smooth controlled jumps.

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